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My 12 tips for a successful homemade bread every time

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My pretty natural bread
My pretty natural bread

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Here is the basis used to make the breads (nature, au moringa, ginger), seen on aj + french sunday 05 April during my conversation with Yasmina. Thank you d & rsquo; have been so numerous and d & rsquo; asking as many questions. J & rsquo; hope you will find answers to some of your questions in this article.



My ginger loaf
My ginger loaf










My 12 crispy tips for beautiful homemade bread, to succeed every time

The resulting bread baking d & rsquo; a paste obtained by kneading a result of & rsquo; a mixture of flour, d & rsquo; salt water and subjected to fermentation with yeast. It combines in itself the 4 essentials. To know, Earth (wheat), used water, the air, the cells contained in bread, and cooking, fire.

Bread is the & rsquo; several populations staple. There are many varieties. Each country, sometimes, each has its specialty baker of bread and his own way of making the. Whatever we eat today is the product of a long history, Agriculture, culinary and even technology.

Despite these developments, This does not change, are these are the traditional breadmaking stages. The traditional bakery business remained the same : kneading the dough, fermentation, lifting, shaping, coke oven charging and firing.
Bread making has become more democratic and with this confinement due to the Corona virus, Almost everyone wants to realize his bread house. I present an unpretentious recipe (I am not a baker), but so pleasant in the mouth (ask my knowledge) I accept in different ways depending on the result I would have. Many of you ask me bread recipes.

Indeed, I have a passion for doughs that I grow for several years. I even came to make specialty breads African flavors, as gluten free breads that you can order from me. Until you read one of these days, I'm nice and share with you ...


My pretty natural bread
My pretty natural bread













My 12 tips for a successful homemade bread every time


My pretty breads
My pretty breads


My pretty natural bread
My pretty natural bread





1/ Choosing the right ingredients

2/ Remember to avoid direct contact between the salt and yeast not to cancel the effect of raising the latter.

3/ If your recipe you need to dissolve the yeast in a warm liquid, do not exceed 40 °, a too high temperature kills the yeast, deactivates


4/ The lifting is an essential moment. The paste has indeed need time to ferment under the action of yeast. This is the time when small air bubbles will form within the dough, what is decisive in the light of the crumb.


5/ If we see that the dough has difficulty climbing, do not hesitate to place it near a heat source (radiator, computer, still hot microwave ... e.g.).


6/ The dough of our breads of the day is quite soft. Do not panic. This means that the flour is hydrated, and that we have something soft and elastic. The dough is not always easy to work but the result will be up to your expectations, with a nice crumb well airy and airy.


7/Once the dough has doubled in size, it's time to shape your bread, give it the shape you want.


8/ Place a container (a suitable dish or a pie pan) with water during preheating and cooking to moisten the inside of your oven and thereby create steam.

This step is very important because it is what will make the crispy crust. We can also spray water directly on bread.


9/The cutting is grigne, scarification performed by the baker before baking bread. It allows one to lift at specific locations and not haphazardly. Without this operation, bread crust cracks during baking to allow crumb to develop. Read what I wrote about it in the realization of the recipe ( - hyphen 9)


10/ Aromatic herbs, fruits secs, spices, seeds… All these additional ingredients that enhance the dough are to be applied from the start of kneading.


11/ sweating, the cooling step of your bread after baking, must be performed properly, the risk that your soften bread. As soon as it comes out of the oven, it must cool in good conditions, by removing heat well


12/ Keep the bread well cooled in a clean cloth



My ginger bread
My ginger bread


My ginger loaf
My ginger loaf


My ginger loaf
My ginger loaf


My ginger loaf
My ginger loaf





Now, make way for the recipe !!!


For 4 baguettes, is 8 strings or even 1 loaf and 2 Other breads at your convenience


I realized 1 pain nature, 1 other with Penja pepper and a loaf (a round loaf ) ginger


Preparation : 10 minutes

Lifting : 1h30

Baking : 30 minutes

Rest and cooling (Ressuage) at least 15 mn



My bread white Penja pepper, fried golden avocado apples and kankan peppers
My bread white Penja pepper, fried golden avocado apples and kankan peppers


My bread white Penja pepper
My bread white Penja pepper


My pretty breads
My pretty breads


My pretty breads
My pretty breads



What you need

– 850g organic T55 wheat flour or not

– 650 g of warm water, not hot

– 20 g yeast dried baker (instant)

– 2 tablespoons neutral oil (optional) I find that with oil, but me, that in addition to being dimpled, is soft and the crust shines more? What do you think?

– 15 g or more of salt

– White pepper Penja (optional)

– Ground ginger (optional)



My pretty natural bread
My pretty natural bread









Realization of the recipe

- In a salad bowl, place half of the flour, will make a well, put the yeast and cover with the other half

- Pour water, add salt and oil if you use

- Knead the dough for 5 minutes to give body and elasticity

- Filming and let stand in the & rsquo; the hottest place in your home. The dough must double in volume

It will be soft enough, because the flour is hydrated, therefore more flexible. The paste will not be easy to work but the result is worth it, with a well ventilated crumb

- After 1 hour 30 minutes

- Set the oven to preheat to 250 ° C (up for me) and place an ovenproof container in it for 10 minutes.

- Add bread balls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper

- Shaping rod-shaped, or as a loaf (I used a high stainless steel circle to give my bread a nice round shape). Use enough flour not to have the dough stuck on your hands and of course give your bread a rustic touch (optional)

- Make notches in the dough with the sharp blade on approximately 5 cm so that the air escapes and to have an airy bread.

A confidence : I didn’t make any nicks on them - you see because I sometimes like this blind path traced by the air that escapes from the dough and cracks it in an almost poetic way.

- Fill the container placed at the bottom of the oven with cold water (Take your precautions, the container is hot) and immediately close the oven. This will be the blow of steam that will allow the bread to be crisp with a nice shiny crust. Pendant le préchauffage de votre four, l’eau va rendre humide l’intérieur du four et créer ainsi de la vapeur.

– Baisser immédiatement la température du four à 220°C

– Enfourner et laisser cuire environ 30 min.

– Au bout de 25 mn, retirer le récipient pour que mes pains sèchent bien

– Refroidir les pains sur une grille.



My bread white Penja pepper, poêlée de pommes golden avocat et kankan
My bread white Penja pepper, fried golden avocado apples and kankan peppers









J’attends vos photos pour valorisation sur le blog et les réseaux sociaux 😉


My pretty natural bread
My pretty natural bread










*La recette que je vous donne est une de celle que j’ai peaufinée avec d’autres, depuis quelques années. Vous en trouverez aussi 10 others in my poetic and greedy collection. My kitchen imprecise, some with gluten-free African flour. (to acquire the book, all information is at the end of the article)

*Do not hesitate to play with flours of all kinds, aromatic herbs, seeds, spices, the vegetables, the fruits (dry or not), shapes… Fly away and send photos !!!


I put here links to additional articles on bread. (the history of bread) (A little more professional tips, more material) (Rich !)




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