I am a Responsible Food Consultant Chef, Marketing and sales engineer, Author, blogger, Facilitator of writing and/or cooking workshops and trainer.

I am distinguished by a poetic and greedy feather, tasty cuisine, responsible and healthy. An ardent love for African and Afro-Caribbean flours and treasures in pastry and bakery.

I am characterized by a cuisine that gives pride of place to good, carefully selected products from Cameroon in particular, from Africa in general and of course from France where I have lived for more than 20 years. I am open to other influences and a follower of anti-food waste.

I am curious to know your projects and to know how I can support you in them..

Engagement / Creed

  • – Enhance quality products from Africa in general and Cameroon in particular through creative cuisine.
  • – Support food professionals in the control of gluten-free flours and the greening of the plate with kindness.
  • – Show the singularity, the differentiation of each professional who uses my services.

  • – Teach him how to boost his visibility and sales, as well as the eco-responsible dimension of his company or his project.
  • – Highlight African cuisine and products that are often overlooked or ignored by the general public.

– Stimulate creativity, inventiveness in writing and on the plate.

– Promote the social and solidarity economy as much as possible by working with social integration actors and organic farming.

– Develop original solutions to fight illiteracy, illiteracy and exclusion.

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