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Unspecified My Kitchen

What if the bakery, pastry and other tasty variations tasted of Africa ?

Nathalie BRIGAUD NGOUM, answers this question in its imprecise kitchen, Paris Fair Book Prize, an astonishing poetic and gourmet collection, an atypical book, like its author, Marketing and sales engineer by training and cook of dishes and words by passion. This former student (2017) of the Paris Hotel School, offers us on 136 original pages:

Near 130 tips, tips and practical variations
50 gourmet photos
50 balanced recipes, tempting and creative
21 dietary recommendations (under the supervision of a doctor)
11 poetic texts

These sweets, (many of which happen to be gluten-free, and / or vegan), alliances of tastes, colors and textures, will brighten up breakfasts, brunchs, snacks and desserts, to the delight of young and old.

Nathalie is from Cameroon. This country can be proud of the qualifiers of "Africa in miniature" or "Granary of Central Africa" ​​which are often attributed to it.. This is how Cameroonian cuisine is very varied and very rich in its history., the diversity of its ethnic groups, its culturally different regions, its contrasting landscapes and climates.

Nathalie has a passion for cooking and for writing and feels the need to combine gastronomy and literature. This is how she gives us a digest of emotions that highlights the immense wealth of Cameroonian and African products (plantain, thousand, cassava flour, yam, sweet potato ... or amazing spices like Penja pepper, the netetou, or even super foods, baobab, moringa, to quote only those…).

This collection is also an ode to the Mother, a magnificent declaration of love to the one who is no longer, a hymn to life despite sorrow, with personal texts without being shameless. Between Tradition and Innovation, Nathalie makes her way through the lush gastronomic landscape. She takes you through the senses for beautiful gourmet flights and unforgettable taste journeys. I invite you to discover his universe !

Editing, Texts, recettes, food styling and photography (Nathalie BRIGAUD NGOUM) . Nutrition expert (Doctor Virginie GUEMJOM). Coordination, Graphics and Layout (Agence E&H LAB Paris)

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards
My kitchen imprecise

Have our book delivered to your home and contact us for a dedication.

Our à la carte services

Parmentier of cassava beef and tomato sauce

Culinary and / or writing consulting

Increase the originality and attractiveness of your card.
Working with me on African gluten-free flours.
Immerse yourself in the world of African agricultural products with many virtues.
Discover the spices of Cameroon and enhance your dishes.
Support you in your culinary and / or writing project.


Original recipes, healthy and colorful adapted to your different diets.

Chef service at home
and or
Online and face-to-face home lessons

Whatever your level, I put together a personalized program that takes your needs into account, your thirst for discovery and your tastes.
Learn in the comfort of your own home, in a fun way and if you wish, with family.

Online or face-to-face business courses
(team building)

Unite your teams.
Stimulate the creativity of your employees or simply make them happy or reward them.

Services and Partnerships

Content creation for brands.
Recipe Design and Development.
Food styling and photography.
Other projects.

Our Crédo

– Enhance products from Africa in general and Cameroon in particular, thanks to an original and inventive cuisine that does not forget the traditions.

– Combining writing and cooking and claiming emotion beyond technique.

– Highlight African cuisine and products that are often overlooked or ignored by the general public.

– Stimulate creativity, inventiveness in writing and on the plate.

– Promote the social and solidarity economy as much as possible by working with social integration actors and organic farming.

– Develop original solutions to fight illiteracy, illiteracy and exclusion.

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Fancy a recipe:
Lyrical and greedy ?
Simple and fast ?
Sophisticated or original ?
Compatible with your diets and allergies ?

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