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My name is G. Nathalie BRIGAUD NGOUM, Mom's 2 children and bride.

My husband and my children are the official tasters of my culinary variations.

Multi-potential, I share my time with my family, my friends, my work as a sales and marketing manager, the various Envolées Gourmandes projects my company and of course, my kitchen.

I am indeed a chef, culinary consultant, Author, blogger, Animator of writing and / or cooking workshops.

I am distinguished by a poetic and greedy feather, tasty cuisine, responsible and healthy.

I am characterized by a cuisine that gives pride of place to good, carefully selected products from Cameroon in particular, from Africa in general and of course from France where I have lived for more than 20 years. I am not closed to other influences and I am a fan of anti-food waste.

I hope I made you want to work with me.

I am curious to know your projects and to know how I can accompany you in them.

Paris Hotel School
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About the blog



The cheerfully started forty, love of life and my husband, I am amazed the mother of two gifts of heaven not always restful.

Candice, 12 years, is both dreamy and manual, very articulated, simultaneously endowed with a vivid imagination. This is the Artistic Manager of this blog she has strongly pushed and helped create. The drawings, and all events will be filmed thought together with me, but concocted, served by it and signed.

Lukas, 7 years , is a small, endearing man. It is very good mom cooking -without really want to taste it - but prefers fries. He knows by heart all seasons and scenes of "Ninjago" in several languages, including Greek and Japanese. His great project, learn Korean.

Fred, dad, is the technical support and indispensable moral of this adventure, This family long journey, with you, dear visitors, I hope, filled as passengers.


"You should have a blog" told me in July (2015) my daughter finding myself probably pathetic to take photos on my phone their dishes I mijotais. And it is true that I always had the bottom of my heart for little girl, a visceral need to write, sleeping on a sheet my moments of joy, as doubt and sadness.

But a blog about cooking, while the Internet is overflowing and there are so many quality ? A real challenge. And I have never been able to resist a challenge especially if it resonates deep within my being.

I did not cook for academic or professional career. I do not have a restaurant and'm not catering. So, who am I and what am I parry legitimacy ?

I'm just a passionate stoves (thanks Mom !), lover of good food, curious tastes by, away over there, everywhere. When I am happy, I cook and I write. When I go less, I write and kitchen ... So ?

The convivial space what a blog allows me to combine three strong passions : La cuisine, the writing, the sharing. It is also an opportunity to exchange mother / daughter through artistic creation in all its forms, my daughter's favorite field.

Join us on this voyage of fragrant stops regularly, wanderings often salty, sometimes sweet rides, fragrant absolutely correspondence, meetings fluffy course, of gourmet stops occasionally, incursions of spicy and stops too spicy. I will make you share the life of my garden that moves me to tears, herbs that I adore, my trips, my culinary meetings, but not only…

I will tell you, simple recipes, succulent, amazing and easy to perform. I will share with you conceived dishes created by me, I hope that blends harmoniously, tips, found ideas from here and there that I tested.

Reversals other recipes through blogs, books or magazines, will be explicitly identified, the sources cited.

We hope with my daughter, bring here a true and singular voice, create an original and innovative way.

So, place for gourmet and lyrical flights of fancy ... !!!

BN Nath.

Ps: a tasty thank you to Johan who m & rsquo; helped her find my way in the maze , oh so rich, WordPress features.

You have questions? You want information? Knowing a little more my work and my passions? One address : envoleesgourmandes@gmail.com

You can also find me on:


And on social media...


The self obtained a Cape Town Hotel School of Paris

I propose today benefit:

  • Chef at home for companies and individuals
  • Initiator and facilitator of lyrical and gourmet workshops
  • consultant, photographer and culinary author

My phone 06 09 03 37 58



Publication of My Kitchen Imprecis


Hello Dear All and All

Here is the cover of the first book edited by me, an abundant poetic and gourmet collection 😉

He proposes

- Near 130 tips, tips and practical variations

– 50 gourmet photos

– 50 balanced variations, tasty and creative


-21 dietary recommendations
(under the supervision of a doctor)

– 11 poetic texts

These sweets, (many of which happen to be gluten-free, and / or vegan), alliances of tastes, colors and textures, will light up your breakfasts, your brunches, your snacks and desserts, to the delight of young and old.

Public price 29 euros (plus delivery)

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