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My name is G. Nathalie BRIGAUD NGOUM, Mom's 2 children and bride.

My husband and my children are the official tasters of my culinary variations.

Multi-potential, I share my time with my family, my friends, my work as a sales and marketing manager, the various Envolées Gourmandes projects my company and of course, my kitchen.

I am indeed a chef, culinary consultant, Author, blogger, Animator of writing and / or cooking workshops.

I am distinguished by a poetic and greedy feather, tasty cuisine, responsible and healthy.

I am characterized by a cuisine that gives pride of place to good, carefully selected products from Cameroon in particular, from Africa in general and of course from France where I have lived for more than 20 years. I am not closed to other influences and I am a fan of anti-food waste.

I hope I made you want to work with me.

I am curious to know your projects and to know how I can accompany you in them.

Paris Hotel School
Prix du public WE EAT AFRICA 2018

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