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Square yam and stew of veal with mint


Here is one of my favorite sauces in our varied and tasty Cameroonian gastronomy.. A succulent dish made from pumpkin seeds which has a special place in my personal and gourmet pantheon. Consumed throughout Cameroon with of course several variants, the department of Noun has hoisted its ndjapché sauce, ground squash and black nightshade, in the essential dishes of the country.

I offer you a simpler and pleasantly fragrant recipe.

The @envoleesgourmandes touch?

fresh mint. You read correctly…fresh mint, an apple mint for me.

“The origin of cucurbits

Humans have been growing cucurbits since the dawn of time, 10 000 years at least. These fruits contained very little flesh, we ate mostly the seeds. They were introduced in Europe from the 16th century.

If you cucurbita (pumpkins, butternut squash, pumpkins…) come straight from America (central, of the South and Mexico), the calabashes, the colloquies, watermelons and melons are of African origin. Cucumbers and pickles, as far as they are concerned, chose another continent : Asia !

If this large family includes members born in three different continents, and used or eaten in the other two as well, one can wonder about this distant origin. Seeds of a plant would have been dispersed by the wind, even birds, when the lands were closer ?”

“Rich in proteins, vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B9 and E), dietary fiber, mineral salts (do, zinc, potassium, copper, calcium, magnesium), oleic acid and relatively calories, pumpkin seeds are a veritable mine of nutrients. Mainly made up of flavonoids, carotenoids, phytosterols, cucurbitacines, lignans, d’alpha et béta carotènes, the propriétés médicinales des graines de courge sont multiples.

Alicia et Florian

Les enfants bienheureux

Ont ouvert les yeux

Sur un monde pas toujours vertueux,

But so exciting playground.

Magne and Tagne created a miracle between them.

BN Nath

The 18/04/2016

L’absence ni le temps ne sont rien quand on aime. »

[Poésies nouvelles (1836-1852), Rappelle-toi ]

Citation d’Alfred de Musset

J’espère que vous pensez la même chose, malgré mon silence de près d’un mois. I love you, moi 🙂

This association is absolutely worth knowing if you want to know a lot about yams..

Who are we ?


“Yam : what do we know about its origins ?

Yam belongs to the botanical genus Dioscorea and family Dioscoreaceae. Although the origins of yams are still very poorly understood, we now know that :

– Archaeological excavations have to say that a wild yam species was

already consumed it over there 12 000 years, in parts of eastern Asia,

It is 6 000 BCE as yams have been domesticated in Africa

Its introduction by boat in South America is relatively recent, it dates from the sixteenth century. **

The "yam" designation is a term derived from “yum”, which means “manger” in many African languages. In Spain it is called "iname", and Portugal, "yam» (

The yam is a tuber so that is grown on several continents. It is a commercial and food resources in many African countries are both major producers and consumers (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Cameroon ...).

Regions Oceania, (Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, New Guinea), are also fond of yam, vegetable that local people cultivate for their own consumption.

In metropolitan France, some farms develop in the Loir et Cher example, because the temperate climate that prevails allows its culture. Saint Claude Diray is now the European capital of yam.

Yet this tuber is still poorly known in our hexagon, although yam is increasingly visible on the shelves of our hypermarkets and supermarkets not only in exotic groceries.

The yam is a starchy feeding that can substitute an original way to the potato. It lends itself to many savory recipes often, but also sweet.

The tuber skin is rough but its flesh, yellow or white color when cooked is soft.

I use a lot of yams with white flesh . Follow our gourmet flights which will help you cook this product in an original way for some or new way for others.

Here is the first yam-based recipe on the blog (the others follow), dyam squares accompanied by minted veal stew.

This veal stew with mint, straight out of my brain still in turmoil, has become over the years, a classic in my kitchen. I realized it for the first time a long time ago, long time, 🙂 pendant mes années étudiantes à l’Université de Ngoa Ekellè au Cameroun, mon Afrique en miniature. Dans la recette originale, j’utilisais des graines de courge moulues. During that time, I had 20 years.

En ce temps- was, I had 20 ♪ years

During that time, I had 20 years

And unlike Pierre Bachelet

No one took me

for Verlaine

Except myself.

And modest height

Paul Bocuse and Maite also reunited ...

En ce temps- was, I had 20 years

And my humble housing

Never empty.

I remember doing a piece

More kitchen office as a student room.

During that time, I had 20 years

I loved cooking, a lot

Today, I have not 20 years

Since a long time

I always like to cook

As much ?

Even more.

Enjoy your meal…

BN Nath

The 20 and 23/04/2016

** Period of the slave trade

Square yam and stew of veal with mint

 (To get cooking ...)

yam square

yam square

For 6 to 12 people

Preparation : 10 minutes

Baking : 10 to 15 minutes

What you need

– 1 piece of yam about 1,2 kg

– 2 glasses and ½ hot water

– Salt

Preparation of the recipe

– Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface.

– Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface, cut quickly enough yam 4 sections (from 4 to 5 centimeters thick) as this tuber quickly oxide

-You can, or ask each flat section and peel vertically, or peel each section as you would an orange, for example,

– Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface 4 (in 2 then 2)

– rinse quickly with cold water and place in a saucepan with 2 glasses and 1/2 Hot water.

– Salt, cover and cook over high heat between 10 and 15 minutes

– Prepare and serve

Veal Stew with Mint

Square yam and stew of veal with mint
Square yam and stew of veal with mint

Square yam and stew of veal with mint
Square yam and stew of veal with mint

For 6 to 12 people

Preparation : 15 minutes

Baking : 35 minutes

Square yam and stew of veal with mint
Square yam and stew of veal with mint

What you need

– 1,3 kilos of veal low (chicken, poisson, shrimp…)

– 7 tomatoes

– 2 white or yellow onions

– 5 d & rsquo cloves garlic

– 2 cubes of beef broth or veal (house for me )

– 3 Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface

– Rapeseed oil or d & rsquo; peanut, Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface

– Ten green mint sprigs

– Salt

– Ground pepper

Square yam and stew of veal with mint
Square yam and stew of veal with mint

Tips / advice / variants / Information

*Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface, Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface

* The broth is a flavor enhancer easy to use, that adds a rich flavor and pronounced our dishes. You can make your own homemade broth with fish juice, meat and other vegetables (Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface)

* You can accompany your simmered vealSweet potato tasty morsels, rice, pastes or water plantain, recipe which I will give you the secret again.



Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface



  • Mélanie

    “[your] we speak of a time
    that less than twenty years
    can not know.”
    That blessed time where every night after classes, we meet again
    at each other, more often at home than anyone.
    ” And if the humble furnished
    that served you nest”
    never empty, it is because already at that time , you took an undeniable pleasure to regale our taste buds of your original and tasty culinary creations. Around a hearty dish of yams or any other dish prepared and served with a lot of love, we were chatting until late at night, remaking the world with a lot of witticisms, irrepressible jokes and laughter. We parted reluctantly,
    ” Exhausted but delighted
    Did we have to love each other
    And that we love life.”
    In sum, a life quite similar to that evoked by Charles Aznavour in
    “Bohemian , Bohemian
    That meant
    On a 20 years
    Bohemian , Bohemian
    And we lived with the times.”
    ” Bohemian , Bohemian
    We were young,
    Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface”
    “Bohemian, Bohemian,
    Place a bowl filled with water near the work surface”

  • Vicky essaka deido alias ngasse

    Vraiment délicieux ce mijoté de veau à la menthe, avec ce blog, désormais je ne me poserais plus de question sur le menu du jour chez moi. Félicitations et à bientôt. Hugs.

    • Envolées Gourmandes Nath

      Vicky, alias Ngassè,

      Je suis contente que tu reviennes sur le blog.
      Cette recette est vraiment délicieuse (avec des amandes ou des graines de courges!!!) et rapidement réalisée.
      By the end of summer, I will suggest menu ideas, which you can if you want (and others too )
      inspire you for a meal with family or friends.
      See you soon…and thank you

  • Virginia

    Hello Nath !

    I confirm, to 20 years ago the kitchen was already competing with letters for the favors of your inventive and abundant spirit! Bring the two together, it is probably nirvana for your neurons and your culinary sensitivity (not to say your ardor, your unbridled passion for “good things”…).

    Alicia et Florian, the little angels… Connaissant leur maman, ils seront vite attablés devant ignames et autres tubercules historiques ! Bravo Magne Cla, bravo Tagne Bruno !

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