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My Missolè samosas (ripe plantains) and fonio with fresh herbs from the garden

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2 e recipe made during the Yumshow

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My Missolè samosas / Missile (ripe plantains and fonio with fresh herbs from the garden). Vegetable recipe.


For 8 self-sucking (until 14)

Total preparation time 20 minutes

Total cooking time : 20 minutes



What you need

– 2 ripe, firm plantains

– 1 glass of hot water

– 60 g de fonio

– 120 grams of hot water

– 1 tbsp walnut oil






– 4 large round sheets of pastry

– A little thyme and celery from the garden (or other aromatic herbs)

– 2 tbsp neutral oil of your choice (sunflower, colza, cotton, peanut)

– 1 tbsp turmeric

– 1 tsp washer (garlic tree fruit) or grated garlic

- Black or white Penja pepper or another (Madagascar, Kivu…)

- From sea salt

- Some cherry tomatoes

- Sucrose leaves (salad)




– 1 brush

– 1 baking tray and baking paper

– 1 casserole

– 1 paring knife

- Chef's scissors or knife






Preparation of the recipe

The font

Preparation : 1 minute

Baking : 3 minutes

- Put the fonio, the 120 g of hot water a little fleur de sel and 1 tablespoon of oil in a ramekin

- Place the latter in a microwave oven and cook for 3 minutes




Crushed plantains

Preparation : 5 minutes

Baking : 10 minutes

- Wash the plantains carefully and cut their ends

peel them by making one or two cuts along the entire length of the starch and gently remove their skin.

- Chop

- Put the pieces in a pan with 1 glass & rsquo; water

- Bring to a boil on high heat for 10 minutes

- In a salad bowl, mash the hot plantain pieces with a fork

- Add 3 tablespoon cooked fonio, the washer, thyme, the celery, a little fleur de sel, pepper, Mix well and let cool





The folding

- Cut the pastry sheet in half

- Fold each half sheet into a band

- Place the equivalent of a spoonful of crushed plantain on the end of the strip

- Fold back, tightening the sheet very tightly on the products.

- Fold the sheet of brick in a triangle.

- Repeat until the end of the sheet.

- Close the samoussa by sticking the end with a plantain paste or by folding the tip inside the samoussa

- Preheat the oven to 210 °

- Brush, with a brush the 8 samosas with the turmeric / oil mixture

- Put in the oven for 4 to 7 minutes minutes at 210 ° depending on the ovens

It's ready….

- Harmoniously arrange the samosas with cherry tomatoes and sucrine… to be eaten as they are, with a little tomato sauce or a spread of your own. Some suggestions from the blog:


Tomato sauces all,,


Tips / Advice / variants / information

*Another way to cook plantain and fonio. Declining in the envy with other starchy foods, vegetables, poultry, other meats, fish and seafood

*Vegetable recipe, slight, dietetic

*Always mash the plantain when hot. By cooling, it hardens

*Brown the samoussa differently, which not only gives a beautiful sunny color, a nice taste of turmeric and even more crunch

*An original and crispy recipe (for an aperitif, an entrance, a main course, un brunch…)

*Tighten the pastry sheet well so that the filling does not escape during cooking

*No need for water or egg to close and glue the samosas, the stuffing is enough to play this role or fold the tip of the end of folding pastry sheet inside the samosa.


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