Du gari et puis c'est tout !
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Gari and that's it !!!











Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !



Dear All and All,

Je souhaite la bienvenue à Tous les nouveaux abonnés 😉 😉 😉

Thank you, Thank you !!!

Je promets de partager avec Vous quelques photos de la riche actualité d’Envolées Gourmandes de ces deux derniers mois.


Revenons à notre recette

Vous aimez la Semoule de blé ? Have you tried Attiéké? ? I promise you will love Gari !!! Long live cassava !!!

Indeed, I’ll come back to you with a childishly simple recipe., but whose delicious taste is matched only by the beauty of the colors. J’ai agrémenté ce gari de splendides légumes frais et magnifié ce plat avec des épices de zesok.com.

As a reminder, ZESOK, une belle marque d’épicerie fine africaine (whose founder lives in Germany) and Envolées Gourmandes tied the knot last August, a partnership for a few months. You can still benefit from the discount of 10% on your purchases, to which you are entitled with the code ENVOLEES. The offer is valid until 30 November 2018 included. Learn about the history of this small brand that dreams big opposite https://www.envoleesgourmandes.com/2018/08/poulet-au-pied-leve-cuisses-de-poulet-zesok-au-four/



Before you feast, I'm talking about gari. Do not hesitate to have more information at the end of the recipe in the section Tips / advice / variations ( as always with the sources consulted course)***


Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !

the Gari

Gari is a staple food very common in many countries, Benign (he would be born), Cameroon, Togo, Ghana …. It is prepared from the root of the cassava. It's tedious work with many stages of realization spread over 3 days about.

The pulp of the cassava is peeled crushed, fermented, Pressed, dehydrated and dried to fire and finally subdued.

It is a process that approximates that of the Ivorian attiéké with specificities however for one and one recipe.

The attiéké (which will be the subject of other articles) is an Ivorian specialty. This is a steamed manioc. This meal also was obtained after several stages of starch processing spanning two to three days (peeling, grinding, fermentation, pressing, granulation, drying, vannage-tamisage, baking).


Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !


Like all cassava products, the gari, Tapioca called in Cameroon (different Asian Tapioca, thicker gelatinous) is naturally gluten free.

Gari and all the cassava products can be used by people with celiac disease in lieu of gluten-containing flours.

It can be eaten as salty sweet, lends itself to many uses and preparations. (One day, One day …)

For my part, I've always known gari indeed, both sweet that’ in salty, therefore, as a staple of our Cameroonian gastronomy. He was, and continues to be part of conventional, as well as food fast in extra sweet, that as a major events flagship dish (weddings, death, baptisms, celebrations of all kinds…) in my home region, the coast of the country of my soul.


Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !


For 1 to 2 people

Preparation : 5 minutes

Baking : 17 minutes

Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !

What you need

– 100 g de gari

– 200 g of minced beef

– 1 tablespoon full of spice coffee for chicken zesok.com

– 200 ml water for Gari or less if you want a more gari crumbled, therefore less less cooked.

Surprised(e)s, try, It's a delight. I redid the recipe with the mixture for meat, he also falling!!!

– 2 tablespoons tomato coulis

– 1 yellow pepper

– 1 medium carrot

– 1 yellow onion

– 1 teaspoon granulated garlic or 2 d & rsquo cloves garlic

– 2 tablespoons of water (about 30 ml)

- From chives or chives (this recipe, one fresh from the garden)

– 1 tablespoon of rapeseed oil for the sauce + 1 another for Gari

- Salt


Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !


Preparation of the recipe

- In a salad bowl, mix well gari, 1 spoonful of neutral oil and salt
- Boil the water 200 ml of water and pour evenly on Gari.

- Flake with a fork and keep warm if possible

- Wash carrot and dice. Clean peppers, the seed, remove white membranes and cut into thin strips.
- In a hot non-stick frying pan, or saucepan, fry with carrots 1 tablespoon of oil and 2 approximately spoonfuls of water 4 minutes, then add the peppers, stirring occasionally for about 8 minutes over medium heat.
– Add the minced meat to the pan, l’ail, the onion, the ZESOK spices and cook again 2 minutes, stirring.
–Then pour in the tomato coulis, sprinkle with cive or chives, salt and leave on the heat again 3 minutes. Adjust the seasoning and serve hot, the preparation nicely dressed on the gari…

Enjoy your meal !!!



Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !


Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !


Gari and that's it !
Gari and that's it !











Tips / advice / variants

Sites to visit for more detailed explanations of gari.

Both gari and attiéké can be used as “couscous” as known here in France. As a substitute for wheat semolina. Ideal for people with celiac disease.

To us tabbouleh, and other whatnot

* http://pedagogie84.pagesperso-orange.fr/g-gari.htm

* https://afritibi.com/produit/tapioca-gari/



The ingredients that make up the “BROTH CHICKEN ZESOK”

(Ricinodenron (Djansang)

Afrostyrax (Washer)

African nutmeg (PEBE)

Tetrapleura tetraptera (4 rated)

Herbes de Provence

White pepper

Black pepper





To order spices


Gari is sold in all good stores and exotic products you will also find very easily on the Internet.

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Chef and blogger
consultant, culinary author and photographer
Cooking workshops and / or writing small, and large businesses in France as well as in the wider world
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