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Corn yam croquettes and their homemade ketchup

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Corn yam croquettes and their homemade ketchup

The confinement was an opportunity to dive back into my archives to share with you some recipes that were in limbo on my computer.. Here's one from a few years ago.. It was part of a series of 3 delights sent to Afrocooking magazine. 1 only recipe had appeared, my bread with peanut chips and its avocado.

These kibbles are perfect since all the children (like in my house), have not returned to school face-to-face). This recipe will please them and they will get their hands dirty, that's the case to say. C’est une autre occasion de répéter encore et encore que l’Afrique est riche et que nous n’avons rien à envier à aucun continent. Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur les différentes pâtes de nos beaux féculents, je propose un atelier où que vous soyez dans le monde. Contact me.

L’igname comme le manioc, plantain, et tous les féculents que nous avons en Afrique et avec lesquels j’ai grandi au Cameroun, sont une base idéale pour de superbes mets salés et sucrés. Vous en avec beaucoup dans le blog. Vous êtes archéologue, fouillez !!! 😉

Ceux des musulman.e.s qui me demandent des idées ou des mets pour l’Aïd, elle est parfaite pour combler petits et grands !


“Yam : what do we know about its origins ?

Yam belongs to the botanical genus Dioscorea and family Dioscoreaceae. Although the origins of yams are still very poorly understood, we now know that :

– Archaeological excavations have confirmed that a wild species of yam was

already consumed it over there 12 000 years, in parts of eastern Asia,

It is 6 000 BCE as yams have been domesticated in Africa

Its introduction by boat in South America is relatively recent, it dates from the sixteenth century. **

The name “yam” is a term derived from “nyam”, which means "to eat" in many African languages. In Spain it is called "iname", and Portugal, "yam» (

The yam is a tuber so that is grown on several continents. It is a commercial and food resources in many African countries are both major producers and consumers (Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Benin, Togo, Cameroon ...). For further information and another recipe, click on the link below:

yam squares and veal stew with mint

Yam for cooking and healing, you knew it?

It is also a slimming ally because of its strong satiating power.

Source :

yam square
yam square

Corn yam croquettes and their homemade ketchup

Click on the pictures to enlarge them


Corn yam croquettes

For 6 to 10 children (26 croquettes around)

Preparation : 20 minutes

Baking : 20 minutes (yams) and 18 minutes (three batches of frying)

What you need

– 1 1kg piece of yam (The white rich in starch)

– 2 glasses and ½ hot water (230 g of water full glass)

– 100 g melted butter or neutral oil (vegetable version)

– 5 to 6 egg yolks (according to size) Optional. (Put in place about 100 g/10 cl of water) vegetable version

– 100 g corn flour (of a thousand, by soegho, de fonio, plantain, de gari, cassava ….There are so many !!!)

- From the frying oil

– Spices or aromatic herbs of your choice (Here nature so that Lukas also enjoys)

- Salt

Preparation of the recipe

- Place a bowl filled with water near the work plan

- On a board, cut quickly enough yam 4 sections (from 4 to 5 centimeters thick), as this tuber quickly oxide. You can, or ask each flat section and peel vertically, or peel each section as you would an orange, for example,

– Wash the peeled pieces and cut them into 8, then put them in a saucepan with 2 glasses and 1/2 Hot water

- Saler, cover and cook over high heat for 20 minutes

– Vigorously mash the pieces that are still hot using a fork or 1 potato masher (I do it in the baking pan)

- To dry (If it's happened)-the puree obtained (remove excess moisture) over low heat for a few moments while mixing and kneading the dough with a spatula (with water and oil, you have great vegetable recipes with this dough and others, that I decline with all the starchy foods (manioc, Yam , plantain, macabo, taro etc…).

You must have a dense and homogeneous dough. The vegetable version is crispier than the one with eggs.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them


– Add the butter/oil and finally the egg yolks off the heat (or water)

– Season as you like and mix well (by hand if you can)

– Form regular cylinders on a floured board and cut them into small balls of about 5 cm de long. Do not forget to also flour the ends with corn flour

Click on the pictures to enlarge them


– Deep fry the yam croquettes until golden brown

– Place the croquettes on absorbent paper and serve immediately.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them


Click on the pictures to enlarge them


My quick and easy ketchup

Preparation : 1 minute

Baking : 7 minutes

What you need

– 200 g tomato sauce

– 1 tablespoon neutral oil (sunflower, colza, peanut)

– 2 tablespoons cane sugar

- ½ teaspoon of salt

– 1 teaspoon of balsamic velvet or a few chalices of folléré/bissap blanc

- Pepper (optional for children)

Preparation of the recipe

– In a small saucepan, add the spoonful of oil and the tomato coulis

– Cook for 4 minutes, stirring occasionally

– Add the salt, balsamic sugar and velvet, or else the white madman, the pepper (if you want it and if your children support it) and let set for 3 minutes. The consistency becomes a little syrupy

– Leave to cool and pour the ketchup into the serving bowl for the pleasure of the little ones… and also the grown-ups

Tips / advice / variants

* Do not hesitate to use aromatic herbs and scented oils if this ketchup is intended for adults.

* This sauce can be served in verrines, as an aperitif and to accompany a plethora of dishes.

We are in 2022 and i”adds content to this article published in 2020 and writes 4 years earlier..

Thank you to you who liked the video on Instagram.

I answer as promised to the most frequently asked question.

“How to Pass the Bitterness of Yams”?

There are several kinds of yams; there are some who are sought even for their bitterness.


The edible yam, matured and cultivated does not contain toxic principles. However, bitter principles tend to accumulate in the tissues of still green tubers of Dioscorea rotundata and D. cayenensis. These can be polyphenols or tannin-like compounds (Coursey, 1983). Some wild species of D. dumetorum contain bitter principles, hence their name bitter yams. Normally, we don't eat them, except during food shortages. They are usually detoxified by soaking them in a container of salt water, in hot or cold fresh water or in a stream. …)”’igname

The varieties I recommend for fries or this recipe (and its many variations) and other goodies too, is the starchy white yam.

*It is not very bitter in general, especially when its extremities are removed..

Do not also forget that the feeling of the intensity of bitterness can also be a matter of habit.

Some tips

*One can add a little baking soda or rock salt which neutralizes the bitterness of vegetables and starchy foods

*You can also cook in classic milk or vegetable ones, or sugar water, big chunks of yam to sweeten the taste before cutting into finer chunks slats. Or, boil your yam sticks over high heat (between 10 and 30 min depending on quantity, rinse them and let them cool before frying them

*Accompany the yam fries with a slightly sweet sauce.

*For the quiches and other parmentiers, mix the cut yam, grated or mashed with a few pieces of ripe plantain (optional)

*For other questions or to go further, book an individual workshop or register for one of my trainings.

*Do not hesitate to make an appointment for a free discovery session.

Thank you

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