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Bébolan / House seasoning broth N ° 3



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Gourmand World Cookbook Awards
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards



Bébolan / House seasoning broth N ° 3










What you need

– 2 big onions

– 7 d & rsquo cloves garlic

La moitié d’un gros fenouil avec ses fanes ou un entier

Du céléri, tige et feuilles 2, for me the garden

– Of sea salt **

– Sunflower oil, + or -150 g** (or another oil of your choice)

– About 200 g of water










Realization of the recipe

– Clean the vegetables and roughly chop them

– Mix them finely with water











– Cook them with salt to your liking, during about 10 minutes over high heat and covered. Add 150 g sunflower oil or another oil, adjust seasoning, laisser encore mijoter 5 minutes and it's ready.










Tips / Advice / Variants

*With my homemade broths, nous consommons des légumes indirectement tous les jours 😉

* Les mélanges aromatiques qui nappent mes viandes et poissons, which serve me like pestos for my pasta, which sublimate my sauces or my sandwiches. I complete them with drier spices to enhance my dishes if necessary.

*You can double or even triple the quantities. Garder une partie dans un contenant en verre dans votre réfrigérateur 1 months and the rest in ice cube trays or freezer bags to use as stock cubes whenever you need them

* All seasonal vegetables are good to use (hub, carrot, zucchini, pumpkin, pumpkin, aubergine, fennel…)

**Iodized salt, much better for your health. Salt plays its role not only as a flavor enhancer, but also a preservative just like the oil and the cooking




Gourmand World Cookbook Awards
Gourmand World Cookbook Awards



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