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Mille feuille de fraise, chantilly coco, soupe de fraises, sapotille, corossol et menthe





fathers !!!


One is called Daniel,

L’autre Frédéric

Ce sont mes deux cadeaux du ciel.


L’un est mon Papa

L’autre le Papa de mes Enfants.


L’un m’a vue

Naître, fall, grow.


Il m’a forgé un esprit

And a character

M’a inculquée des valeurs

Taught me to take heights

Looking for depth

Beyond the appearences.



The other made me queen

Wife and Mom fulfilled

My sight

Flourish, fall, grow.


Helped me, sometimes to his detriment

To make my wildest dreams come true.

With him, there is us

Sometimes hard knocks

And often

So many gentle strokes.


On this Father's Day

I shout at them


My immeasurable love

My deep gratitude

For these fullness loves

These moments of bliss


Help me

To One and the Other to wish

The most beautiful of holidays

Some fathers…



Nathalie Brigaud Oum










Mille feuille gourmand et coloré

Imaginé, concocté et photographié par

Nathalie Brigaud Ngoum pour Envolées Gourmandes

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