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Mboa… Nectar / ginger juice my way 1

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Dear All, Dear All,



Mboa…Nectar / ginger juice my way 1


Fill up on vitamins and some like me, of memories with this pretty drink sublimated by black pepper from Penja Elie and Marjolaine that the latter generously sent me for tasting.






Mboa, this word in duala language, my daddy's, is generally used to denote the country of birth


Mboa, this is CAMEROON, the land of my soul


MBOA, it is also home, home. The place where we grew up… or not

The crucible of our being, good or bad

The place of evocations, happy or more painful.


Mboa, the memories that come to the surface. The fragrant orange tree whose fruit we were impatiently awaiting, the sprawling lemon tree of which I never tired of the scent of the leaves, ginger grown at the back of the house, whose rhizome and foliage are a delight in cooking and drinking. And other fruits and vegetables that I will tell you about another time.


Mboa, it is also FRANCE, my adopted country, the land of my heart


Mboa, this is our house in the VAL D'OISE, our tiny vegetable garden which delights us with delicacies

A life lovingly built, patiently, painfully, passionately, madly …since 22 years


Mboa…it's so many things…and a cocktail of flavors that I am sharing with you today


Mboa, so many delicacies that immerse me in my childhood memories while being good for the body. Indeed, I offer you a condensed freshness, a combination of fruits with antibacterial properties, antiviral, effective in quenching our thirst and boosting our strained immune system. We need it in these times of Covid19, without cure and without vaccine.



Make way for the recipe





Mboa… Nectar / ginger juice my way 1



Preparation : 10 minutes

Baking : 30 minutes


What you need

– 260 g fresh ginger, cleaned (skinless) and cut into small pieces
– 2 liters of water (or more)
– 2 untreated lemons cut into 6

– 1 orange peeled and cut into 6

– 100 g cane sugar, more or less according to taste. (See tips tips variants information)
– ½ teaspoon of Elie et Marjolaine exceptional Penja black pepper

– A pinch of moringa (optional). Its benefits here





Realization of the recipe

– Mix the pieces of ginger with 400 g/ 40 cl of water until you obtain a liquid puree
Pour the ginger puree into a large saucepan with the lemon, orange, sugar, the rest of the water 1600 g/160cl and boil over high heat for 25 minutes

– Add the pepper and leave again 5 minutes on fire

– out of the fire, mash the lemons and orange with a potato masher or a ladle to extract all the juices

– Sieve/filter to keep only the juice





Drink hot, lukewarm or know that I love fish and all the treasures of the sea !




Tips / advice / variants / Information

*The ginger puree obtained (remove leftover lemons and oranges) Keeps well in the fridge for a few days, to season dishes or remake a small drink

*It can also be used as a base for beautiful cookies





Some reading

– https://sante.toutcomment.com/article/les-bienfaits-du-gingembre-1261.html



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