Annie-colette, mon héroïne de l'ombre, pretty girl, also, hang, couture, dev durable,
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Annie-Colette, my shadow heroine

Annie-colette, my shadow heroine
Annie-colette, my shadow heroine

Her name is Annie-Colette. She's the one behind the hats, aprons, customization of my jackets, in short, the art of the table and its derivatives at Envolées Gourmandes.

It's my little sister. I put her forward today because she decided, her too, for a while or for the long haul, to go after his passion, sewing.

Like each of my mother's children, she is also in love with gastronomy

I speak about it here, was and again in This article, and surely in others to come.

Trained translator (German, English, French), comfortable with languages, the most German of Cameroonians living for a few years in France also holds a Franco-German Masters in Management and Marketing from the Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Getting back to sewing, in addition to tableware, Annie-Colette has a great appetite for everything related to the world of children, to the family, decorative and bathroom objects.

She cuts and sews her own little marvels in the Seine- and- marne an Idf.

Its specificity is its longstanding and sincere commitment to sustainable development.. Indeed, Annie-Colette throws nothing, she transforms everything. Old curtains in pretty clothes, tablecloths that we have had for a few years in shopping bags, sheets still in good condition in elegant cushions and the list is not exhaustive. With her, everything you own as a textile finds a second or even a third life.

Do not hesitate to call on his skills. While waiting for it to finalize its structure, contact me if you have any request or question.

Annie-colette, my shadow heroine, pretty girl, also, hang, couture, dev durable,
Annie-colette, my shadow heroine

We have 6 years apart. I am the big sister.

We could have hated or ignored each other. Indeed, what have we not heard in all our childhood years, of adolescence and life of young adults in Cameroon.

Many called her the Ngoum la Belle girl., and me, I was called the Ngoum girl, the Intelligent. These denominations were insulting both to her and to me..

Indeed, it was sometimes clearly told to us :

  • To her, that being pretty, she could only be stupid, at least not very smart
  • To and me some told me that fortunately I was smart because I was unfortunately "too black" to shine.
Annie-colette, my shadow heroine, pretty girl, also, hang, couture, dev durable,
Annie-colette, my shadow heroine
Annie-colette, my shadow heroine, pretty girl, also, hang, couture, dev durable,
Annie-colette, my shadow heroine

Luckily our parents were there to put the kibosh on all his ominous birds and taught us faith in work and in ourselves..

We thank them.

We also both knew, in a beautiful way to weld us even more.

My sister is one of my heroines. A stormy divorce ago over 10 years, the consequences of which are still being felt, painful miscarriages that devastated her , but not annihilated could have made her bitter . Non. She certainly toughened up. However, he is still one of the most generous people i know. The kind that helps, carries others without ever showing off.

She is brilliant, reserved, stylish, excellent cook and hairdresser, gifted with his hands, I often tell her with admiration that she knows how to do everything.

She's the other mother of my children

She who is always there for me, « no matter what ».

She's my little sister and I just love her.

Do you have in your life shadow heroines essential to your life ? Tell us all about it. And especially, talk to them, tell them your amazement.

Happy Holidays


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