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The heart has its reasons ... Gourmandise duets with Ginger, white pepper Penja and velvety mango with two citrus

Valentin P was born

It's a new day

Valentin P was born

It's a miracle

Always savor it…

Congratulations to parents Annie-C and Franck





Bonjour, Dear All,
Enhance your Valentine with original sweets, creative and gluten.

Cassava flour (foufou) and corn are gluten-free and consumed in many countries in Africa and Latin America. I offer here culinary creations of my own, sublimated and worked for a brunch, a snack or a dessert. The recipes can also be found in the Amina magazine for the month of February.

Happy Valentine's Day to All ...














The heart has its reasons ... Gourmandise duets with Ginger, white pepper Penja and velvety mango with two citrus

(Brunch, taste, dessert…)


(For twenty delicacies)

Preparation time : 20 minutes

Cooking time : 10 minutes



What you need

– 75 g cassava flour (foufou)

– 75 g corn flour

- The zest 2 large mandarin 150 g about each and 2 limes

– 20 dark chocolate squares and 20 white chocolate

– 40 white peppercorns Penja to grind

– 10 g grated fresh ginger

– 50 g salted butter

– 5 eggs

– 150 g sugar

– 1 baking powder


(Equipment : silicone plate individual molds)




The duos of delicacies

- Preheat oven to 160 °

- Butter the molds

- Wash citrus zest and take (in reserve for dressage)

- Mix the eggs and sugar until all whitens

- Add flour, yeast and beat vigorously

- To melt the butter, let cool and combine with the preparation

- Put the juice (Half of a tangerine and half a lime), then the citrus zest

- Fill the mold with a ¼ tablespoon and drop off 2 chocolate squares, one black and one white

- Spread a pinch of white pepper into each mold, and a little grated ginger

- Add 2 pulp spoons to fill the molds 3/4

- Bake between 9 to 11 minutes at 160 ° depending ovens




Serve warm for a beautiful explosion of flavors on the palate with a velvety ... preferably mango ...





The velvety mango both citrus

- Wash and peel the mango

- Cut the pulp of the diced fruit and put it in a blender with the juice (rest of mandarins and lemons delicacies)

- Mix all very finely, pour the cream obtained in one or two coffee cups and decorate peel of citrus fruits







  • Valerie NM

    cuckoo Nath,
    You have the gift of mixing elements which no one would have thought, and the results are stunning.
    Mango, pepper and ginger … just that!
    And not just any pepper! The best one!
    The very one , dear to our heart.
    Follow you push me to dare things I would not daring.
    I tell myself “why not” and I start.
    You make me think outside the box, even in my races.
    Et je découvre ainsi, posés dans ma cuisine, des éléments que je ne voyais qu’au super marché et devant lesquels je passais sans même en lire le nom.
    Tu me rends curieuse Nathalie Brigaud Ngoum, tu me rends curieuse et oseuse j’ose dire
    Et j’adore ça!
    Merci à toi

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