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food, and Africa is ! Interview with Nathalie Emilia PEDRO BRIGAUD Ngoum of Wings Gourmet



Hello Dear All and All,

I am pleased to present a talented and passionate woman Nutrition, PEDRO Émilia, one of the leaders of a family structure, whose objective is to promote and encourage agriculture in general and African agriculture in particular. Follow the guide…and let’s discover Chakula…

First edition of the interview in and on behalf of Agri-Culture magazine on 3e august issue 2017.

« Nathalie's guests

The one who inaugurates this section is a young woman passionate about agriculture and dietetics. She deeply loves beautiful African products, only with his family and in-laws, she produces, promote and distribute.

Let’s get to know her and the association she represents…


Some words…

On your journey…

Chakula and Africa is here!

I introduce myself Emilia Pedro, resident in Belgium, of Angolan origin, producer and distributor of food products with African flavors in general and African vegetables in particular.

From a family of entrepreneurs, my parents have been running an exotic grocery store "La Famille" in Brussels for more than 20 years. Entrepreneurship with us, it's in the genes ! But I didn't understand it right away.

Indeed, student, I opted for a dietary curriculum, the medical community and the need to help others have always attracted me. My degree in hand, I had the opportunity to work as a freelancer and / or employee. Not feeling ready to take the leap of entrepreneurship, I chose wage.

My adventure begins 2006, when I meet my husband. By marrying, I married with a family of farmers. Together we carry the project to produce African vegetables in greenhouses.

After several years of testing and research, on different production sites in Belgium, we got to grow vegetables at home here in Europe.

the earth's plate

On your project ...

food, and Africa is !

food, these are the vegetables with African flavors directly from the ground to your plate. Indeed, one year ago, we created, our association (nonprofit organization) « Chakula » qui signifie nourriture en swahili. La nourriture est indispensable à la vie. Chakula veut non seulement produire et distribuer nos légumes africains mais aussi les inclure dans une alimentation quotidienne. Chakula veut promouvoir et encourager l’agriculture en général et les légumes africains en particulier.

Nous avons tellement de bons légumes, Chakula veut simplement vous en faire profiter !

En retour, nos clients nous font part de leurs anecdotes à propos de ces légumes de notre enfance, mais aussi de leurs recettes traditionnelles ou innovantes. Voir une recette réalisée par Envolées Gourmandes avec du chou cavalier de Chakula here . Fly away !!!

Et nous les partageons avec eux sur nos réseaux sociaux. This privileged sharing is essential, enriching and encouraging for us. This contributes to the transmission of our knowledge and know-how.

food 1

On your ambitions...

Currently we produce amaranth in greenhouses, sorrel, mustard leaves, collard greens, bitter nightshade, African spinach and many more to come.

We do not have a physical store but we work with several partner stores in Belgium that offer our products and where our customers can go to buy. At the moment a physical store is not our priority.

We prefer to first develop selling our products online and thus expand our concept to Europe.

For those who wish like you, engage in entrepreneurship ...

Being like "before launching must go around the issue and sometimes twice a day", I believe in entrepreneurship, what is important, is to believe in your project. The rest will come with time.


If we had to redo it…

I would have done exactly the same thing ! I firmly believe that nothing happens by chance. The mistakes I have made in the past have made me a more suitable person to face the difficulties of today. And I think I have always followed the choice of my heart and thereby, I regret nothing !

Chakula and Africa is here!

Contact information

food asbl

Rue Joseph Claes 42 to 1060 Brussels

Such : 0032484 108 073

Interview conducted by Nathalie Brigand Ngoum (lyrical and delicious blog )


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