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Small banana fritters to blossom & rsquo; orange

Small banana fritters to blossom & rsquo; orange


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I come from & rsquo; a country in which the donuts are eaten throughout the day.

Edwige, a dear friend, n & rsquo; none like him to delight the palates with its knack and banana fritters. My mom, Mamie Coco, is doing very well too. I give you for me, a version of banana fritters , inspired by their skills, but less elaborate than that & rsquo; they offer.

C & rsquo; is a recipe of my own, simple , like everything I share with you on this blog. Try these little sweets that delight young and old.


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Small banana fritters to blossom & rsquo; orange


For ten people

Preparation : 10 mn/1h

Baking : 30 mn


What you need

– 3 large or (5 small) very ripe bananas

– 2eggs

– 300 g flour

– 2 baking powder sachets

– 1 packet of vanilla sugar

– 100 g brown sugar or white

– Icing sugar

– 1 frying oil (I used peanut oil)

– 1 tablespoon d & rsquo; d & flower aroma rsquo; orange



– In a salad bowl, peel and mash the bananas with a fork

– Add the eggs and sugars

– Place flour gradually, and baking powder and finally the & rsquo; d & flower aroma rsquo; orange

– Mix well, beat vigorously and cover with a clean cloth

– Let stand at least 30 mn 1 hour in a cool, dark place, eg oven off

– Put oil in a pan to heat

– Once the & rsquo; hot oil, slow fire.

– In the frying oil to cook the donuts

– Drop in & rsquo; & rsquo aid; a teaspoon small portions of dough and brown

– Proceed in this way until & rsquo; to all the batter

– Drain on paper towels

– Serve plain or sprinkled with powdered sugar donuts


Ideal for rustling taste of laughter and screaming children. Over tasting, silence falls very quickly ...


Tips / advice / variants

* Replace peanut oil by another fairly neutral oil, sunflower or rapeseed e.g..


doranger-sugar donut-banana-sugar-flour-yeast-blossom ice-2


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