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Words of good quality…

Smoothie banana-kiwi-fishing-clementine-taste
Velvety fruit stalls





Words of good quality ...



Virtual meetings are sometimes good

Remote exchanges can be fashionable


Facebook friendships abound

But for such a lyrical result, not always, non !!!


Françoise is the friend of a friend

Light, not to be put under the spotlight ...

We recognized, Friendly words like lamp

Enlightening our days and sometimes our nights ...

In writing, dense, fleshly, shining ...


I liked his style both sober and abounding

Uncompromising, sharpened, ignoring the specific modes


I urge you like me,

To feast on its words of good quality

Words that leave speechless and stunned

Words to ponder in this year end with emotion



BN Nath

The 23/12/2016



Jam sweet words
Jam sweet words



Word, the words, our words ...



A word, Following graphic characters, semantic unit,

an etymology, a root,

A / meanings, a / spellings,

a pronunciation, accentuation, contextual transformation, Circumstantial ...

a sense, an interpretation,

Words next to each other, the ones with the others,

To contact the other,

To say, to express, to signify, to convince,

To explain, to understand, to be understood,

To apologize, to defend, to defend…

The words we think, those we do not believe or not quite ...

Those we launch without much thought, words forced,

The words that we put in our mouths,

The words that we understand, those that we discover,

Words thought, signifiers, significant ...

The words we hear, those we do not hear / more,

The words we want to forget, those we want to erase,

The words sweetness, the words daggers,

Reassuring words, the words balm in the heart,

The words love, the words poetry,

The words chants, the words lamentation,

The words, ah words ...

Unimportant words, the desired words,

The expected words, the hoped-for words, the dreaded words,

The words come out all alone, the words we regret ...

The words that we do not say, those we should say,

The words we would have wanted to say,

The words regret, the words worries,

The beautifuls, ugly, the jokers, the unpleasant,

The whispered words, the shouted words,

The words torn out, the words prevented ...

Our words, those of others,

The words to say the evils,

Words to relieve ailments,

Words to encourage, words to support,

Words to hurt, hurt, the words to get rid of, to embarrass,

The words to bring back, words to catch up, to catch up,

Words to heal, the words to love ...

Turn his tongue 7 once in his mouth before coming out a word (s),

Because words have an impact, whatever they are…

Because words are never trivial ...

Because words have power,

The words, our words ...

Performatifs, well generators, bad, pain, of tenderness, strength, of fear,

Generators distance, Melting, hopes, disappointments,

The words, our words ...

Use them with caution, with elegance, sometimes sparingly…

Use them with love ... as much as possible wisely ...


Françoise Memono Mbarga





Tomato sauces all





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