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Words of good quality…

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Velvety fruit stalls





Words of good quality ...



Virtual meetings are sometimes good

Remote exchanges can be fashionable


Facebook friendships abound

But for such a lyrical result, not always, non !!!


Françoise is the friend of a friend

Light, not to be put under the spotlight ...

We recognized, Friendly words like lamp

Éclairant nos journées et parfois nos nuits …

In writing, dense, fleshly, shining ...


I liked his style both sober and abounding

Uncompromising, sharpened, ignoring the specific modes


I urge you like me,

To feast on its words of good quality

Words that leave speechless and stunned

Words to ponder in this year end with emotion



BN Nath

The 23/12/2016



Jam sweet words
Jam sweet words



Word, the words, our words ...



A word, Following graphic characters, semantic unit,

an etymology, a root,

A / meanings, a / spellings,

a pronunciation, accentuation, contextual transformation, Circumstantial ...

a sense, an interpretation,

Words next to each other, the ones with the others,

To contact the other,

To say, to express, to signify, to convince,

To explain, to understand, to be understood,

To apologize, to defend, to defend…

The words we think, those we do not believe or not quite ...

Those we launch without much thought, words forced,

The words that we put in our mouths,

The words that we understand, those that we discover,

Words thought, signifiers, significant ...

The words we hear, those we do not hear / more,

Les mots que l’on veut oublier, ceux que l’on veut effacer,

Les mots douceur, les mots poignards,

Les mots rassurants, les mots baume au cœur,

Les mots amour, les mots poésie,

Les mots chants, les mots lamentations,

Les mots, ah les mots…

Les mots sans importance, les mots voulus,

Les mots attendus, les mots espérés, les mots redoutés,

Les mots sortis tous seuls, les mots que l’on regrette…

Les mots que l’on ne dit pas, ceux que l’on devrait dire,

Les mots qu’on aurait voulu dire,

Les mots regrets, les mots soucis,

Les beaux, les laids, les plaisants, les déplaisants,

Les mots susurrés, les mots criés,

Les mots arrachés, les mots empêchés…

Nos mots, ceux des autres,

Les mots pour dire les maux,

Les mots pour soulager les maux,

Les mots pour encourager, les mots pour soutenir,

Les mots pour blesser, faire mal, les mots pour se débarrasser, pour embarrasser,

Les mots pour ramener, les mots pour rattraper, pour se rattraper,

Les mots pour guérir, les mots pour aimer…

Tourner sa langue 7 fois dans sa bouche avant d’en sortir un/des mots,

Parce que les mots ont un impact, quels qu’ils soient…

Because words are never trivial ...

Because words have power,

Les mots, our words ...

Performatifs, well generators, bad, pain, of tenderness, strength, of fear,

Generators distance, Melting, hopes, disappointments,

Les mots, our words ...

Use them with caution, with elegance, sometimes sparingly…

Use them with love ... as much as possible wisely ...


Françoise Memono Mbarga





Tomato sauces all





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