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Quick !

At Isa, my favorite sister-in

For this heading, which was long overdue !

Quick !

Between friends, an improvised meal

And imagination that staggers

For Your Love, a dinner

With or without candles,

Which often rekindles the spark

For the majority

Not much time between the deck

Work, Homework, without forgetting the dishes

You want simple and quick ?

Need some strings ?

But still good ?

In this case

You need to express


BN Nath




  • Edwige COFFEE

    It's amazing! Finally what we were waiting for is here, and U.S, ton public, we are not disappointed. Marvel at your creations and these beautiful ideas that you have received so far… Beautiful FLIGHTS!!!

    • Envolées Gourmandes Nath


      15 days without response to your comment and ten others !!! Never before, I hadn't waited this long to comment on the blog..
      MEA culpa. Thank you for your support and I hope you will continue to check out the blog, to follow him on social networks, and fly away with me.
      You can also subscribe to the blog to be quickly informed of new developments.

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