Envolées lyriques,  Missives goûteuses

The now or never

The now or never

Here comes the end of the year

This is an opportunity to release

Our creativity

It's time to sublimate

Seasonal products


Conventional our way

It will be simple, fun and good.

I say hello, veal, cow, pig, brood

Perrette and transported

Had indeed had the same thought

Before his entire fortune

Spread on the soil !

welcome, turkeys, vegetables and various other sweets

Not to forget, Fish

And its edges estomaquées.

The end of year celebrations

Point the tip of their nose

It's now or never

Under the eyes of our guests surprised

Offer without seeming to touch it

Original recipes and daring

Tasty and removed

The now or never ...

BN Nath

The 06 and 07/12/2015

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