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my Ndole 1 (Shin of beef, smoked chicken and shrimp)


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Here's recipe Ndole performed at Wings Gourmet these workshops 2 last months.

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I was born in the heart of Sawa Country *, on the banks of the Wouri river in Cameroon. My Dad is Duala and my Mum is Aboo. This is to say if the Ndolè, Sawa dish par excellence which has become an institution in Cameroon, even in sub-Saharan Africa, is part of my DNA. 💚❤💛

This Water People is made up of several ethnic groups spread over the Littoral and South-West provinces of Cameroon. A small part of the populations of the Sawa group is found in the southern region of Cameroon and on the Atlantic coast of Equatorial Guinea (especially the Batanga )

The word Ndolè designates both a dish and a plant. The latter is a vegetable species that is found a lot in Cameroon and Nigeria. It is often cultivated on farms close to homes and in family gardens in these two countries.. We consume it or use it in traditional pharmacopoeia ( Read further Medicinal properties of Ndolè) also in Benin, in Gabon, Central African Republic, in DRC and Kenya. Called in French Vernonia, in the English-speaking part of Cameroon and Nigeria "bitter leaves" from which the name of bitter leaves. Indeed, the leaves of the shrub are cut, boiled several times with water (with rock salt or food bicarbonate) to make them lose their bitterness. well cooked, this dish is poem.

Ndolè can also be used as a hedge and soil stabilizer, in the event of land liable to deteriorate, especially in rainy weather. It would also have many therapeutic virtues (See links at the end of the article)



Why such large quantities compared to other recipes blog?

Because Ndolè is a sharing dish, very friendly, party and ceremony.








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For twenty people

Preparation : 1h

Baking : 2 hours


What you need

– 2 kg of beef cut into medium pieces (Beef shank with bone. My mom said bone and fat add flavor to vegetables !!!)

-1,5 kg of skinless white peanuts


– Smoked chicken legs (at least 10)

-800 g fresh shrimps, cleaned or pre-cooked (400+400) or frozen shrimp, cleaned and pre-cooked (workshop of 10 August)

-200 g dried and washed shrimp (in Ooo Madjanga)

-7 coarsely chopped onions

*2 minced onions

*10 d & rsquo cloves garlic (optional, I like for my part)

*50 g ginger (optional, I like for my part )

*200 ml of vegetable oil (peanut, sunflower or oilseed rape)

*2,5 liters of water (ABOUT)

* Of sea salt

* Vegetarian chili (not hot)

* Spice pepper (for chili paste or cut into pieces for those who support the)







Screenshot 2019-08-29 at 17.13.13




steps 1

Cook previously cut beef and salt in a large covered pot, high heat, with ¼ coarsely cut onions, more the 2,5 liters of water for 1 ish (modified depending on the meat used). The drain and catch the juice of it. (It will serve to mix among other peanuts , without further addition of water)

Step 2

Work sheets Ndole. CRUCIAL STEP (residual bitterness and sand). See ABSOLUTELY tips, advice, variants and information)

Step 3

Cook for about peanuts 20 minutes on high heat. let cool

Step 4

Collect gently ndolé to the surface and away without touching the bottom of the pan. You will lose between ¼ and half the Ndole. This is the price to pay to avoid sand in your pot. The spin and make balls. Book

Step 5

In a blender, to gradually peanuts, half of the coarsely cut onions, l’ail, ginger. Use strictly as gravy and blend to a fine paste until all peanuts

finely crush or not according to taste, and Dibanga (meat cooking water). The mixer or mortar

Step 6

In a large pot, pay the equivalent of 150 ml of oil, then the drained meat and brown it on all sides.

Add the peanut paste, small dried and mashed prawns (in the ground), and cook. Half cover the pan (Important, peanut sauce sauté when boiling, watch your arms !!!) Stir from time to time so that the dough does not stick to the bottom of the pot and the edges of it.

Step 7

At the end of 30 minutes of cooking, add the fresh and pre-cooked shrimp, stir, plus smoked chicken and vegetarian chili (not hot)

If frozen shrimp

Remove the protective glass which surrounds the rinsing

Place in a pan, season with salt and cook over high heat for ten minutes by mixing 1 or 2 times

Recover product drippings and put it in the big pot of Ndole for taste

Add oil to the pan and the chopped onion and cook for about fifteen minutes, stirring again


These home cooking juices are very important because they add flavor to our food with salt. I use exclusively of sea salt (to cook and not trade stock cubes)

Mix well and simmer for fifteen minutes. Rectify & rsquo; seasoning.

A characteristic odor (that you will learn to recognize) will give you the start to put the Ndolè leaves in the pot

Step 8

Add the Ndolè leaves to the peanuts, mix by rubbing the bottom of the pan, add the leaves gradually and stirring constantly until the mixture is homogeneous. After getting the right color, correct seasoning again if necessary

Step 9

If fresh precooked shrimp (I will share another recipe with raw shrimp)

Heat the remaining oil in a frying pan, and saute the chopped onion for 1 minute. Then add the previously salty precooked shrimp, let it be for now 3 minutes.

If frozen precooked shrimp

(See step 7)

Step 10

Pour the shrimp / onion mixture into the Ndolè, c’est prêt ou le garder pour servir individuellement vos invités

Je vous envie. Bon appétit 😉

This Ndole then and creative accompaniments












* Si le Ndolè est encore amer, Faire bouillir les feuilles de Ndolè dans une grande casserole pleine d’eau avec 1c à soupe de bicarbonate alimentaire pour 1kg pendant 20 mn environ à feu vif. Arrêtez le feu.

*Jeter cette première eau et tremper le Ndolè dans une grande casserole pleine d’eau pendant 30 mn. Le sable, il y en a souvent, naturally based deposit in the pan.

* Do not add vegetables before fully stirred and verified that the perfect balance between leaves and peanuts is respected.



Medicinal properties of Ndolè



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