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My fufu / fufu Gari * and okra sauce with prawns

Bonjour aux nouvelles et nouveaux abonné.e.s

Merci d’encourager votre blog lyrique et gourmand. Do not hesitate to talk about it around you.

I am also pleased to announce that the AJ + French video (at the end of the article) sur les couscous subsahariens et à laquelle j’ai l’honneur de participer, a en 4 days (depuis le 04 mars) plus 1. 200. 000 vues sur Facebook . Yes, vous avez bien lu.

Near 27 000 et plus de 30 000 respectivement sur Youtube et Instagram. 🙂 🙂


Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns

My fufu / fufu Gari * and okra sauce with prawns


Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns



Here is one of my recipes made as part of a report on sub-Saharan couscous.

I present to you the fufu * see (tips / advice / variants / information) Gari made from cassava semolina. In Cameroon, we call it couscous, very far from that of the Maghreb, known worldwide.

thanks to AJ-french, Émma PAOLI and Yasmina Bennani who gave me the opportunity to share my passion for the culinary treasures of Africa in general and Cameroon in particular.

My part of the video was filmed at Cooking City, a Parisian space suitable for all your culinary workshops.



Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns


My fufu / fufu Gari * and okra sauce with prawns


Consult an old blog recipe for more details on Gari here




What you need


For 8 to 12 people

Preparation: 20 minutes


30 minutes (okra sauce)

15 minutes (broth)

10 minutes (le Gari)



For the sauce

– 700 g pre-cooked shrimp

– 150 cl of water for about 1300 g of broth made

– 15 to 20 buttoned frais

– 5 white or yellow onions

– 2 large tomatoes or 100 g of tomato coulis

– 2 African eggplant

– 1 leek (white and green)

– Fresh ginger 10 or g 1 teaspoon ground ginger

– 2 bay leaves

-1 tablespoon semolina garlic

– 1 tablespoon djansan (optional) bought from Bao where you will find all your tropical products

– 1 teaspoon of pèbè (optional) bought from bag

– Celery from the garden (foliage and foot)

– Of sea salt + homemade broth, here

– Rock salt or baking soda

– Hot pepper (optional)


For the fufu / foufou de gari

– 400 g de gari

– 120 cl (1200g) of water


Realization of revenues


Wash all your vegetables thoroughly !

Le fufu / foufou de gari

– Bring water to a boil

– Keep it 1/3 of liquid in the pan and transfer the other part of the boiling water to another container placed nearby

– Put the fire down, put your cassava semolina in the water in the pan

– Stir vigorously to mix well, en rajoutant au fur et à mesure l’eau chaude de réserve, en remuant entre chaque ajout jusqu’à l’obtention d’une pate homogène

Remplir un grand saladier d’eau froide et le poser à proximité

Former vos boules de fufu en trempant un petit bol dans le grand saladier d’eau froide

Rouler la pâte dans le bol (avec un fond d’eau) pour en faire de jolies boules. You can keep them warm individually in aluminum foil and in the oven at 30 degrees until the sauce is ready



Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns




Express broth

– Peel (keep the shells and heads for the broth) and devein the prawns (the black filament in the back)

– In a pot, put 2 onions, half of the celery stalk, a little leek, 1liter and ½ 2 of water and salt as you wish. Let cook 20 minutes on high heat.

– Filter and collect the juice


Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns





– Cut off the head and tail of each okra

– Coarsely crush ¾ of okra (30 seconds) in the blender with 10 cl of water (100 g) a little baking soda or rock salt (for the gooey).

– Pour into a small bowl. Put the 5 or 10 buttoned restants coupés en 2 lengthwise and set aside


Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns



The sauce de

Put in a pot, the onions, African eggplant cut in 4 in length, chopped leek and celery, the tomato. Bring to the boil with the broth collected, pendant 10 minutes on high heat.

Then add, the shrimp, bay leaves, the djansan, ginger, the pèbè, l’ail, chili, salt if necessary and simmer again 10 minutes

Put okra (previously booked) and cook again 10 minutes. Stir occasionally so that the okra does not stick. Adjust the seasoning if necessary.


Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns




Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns





Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns
Fufu / Foufou gari and okra sauce with prawns





Tips / Advice / variants / information

*For an even more delicious broth, mix the vegetables, shells and shrimp heads before filtering the juice

*It is understood that there are several ways to make an okra sauce.

*Fufu : " The foufou or fufu is an edible dough, solid or soft depending on consumer taste, made from boiled and pounded flour. It is a staple food for many populations in Equatorial Africa. It is made from cassava, corn, plantain or yam and eat with an accompanying sauce. »



*The benefits of okra

  • Originally from sub-Saharan Africa, it is a health ally that should not be overlooked. True concentrate of vitamins, minerals and nutrients,
  • The gombo, sun-dried or even powdered to serve as a condiment. Its leaves are also edible - a treat in salad - and, of its seeds, we even made an ersatz coffee ... Everything is good in the gombo !
  • So good indeed that he conquered the whole world, often under another label : it is called okra in the balkans, In Chinese, okra is called "qiukui", calalou in Haiti or okra to the states- United, especially in Louisiana, where he's at the party in the cajun kitchen. It is the Moors who, in the middle Ages, imported this tropical plant (Abelmoschus esculentus) in Europe, via Egypt.
  • Then the gombo arrived in America, through triangular trade. For a long time, slaves in the New World called all vegetables "okra", without distinction. Today, nutritionists praise the merits of this superfood, rich in fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium ... With its particular texture, the king gombo is also used in the composition of traditional care and beauty products, that soften skin and hair. And today, manufacturers are testing its properties for the manufacture of glue for glossy paper ... Or even for confectionery !
  • Our tips for cooking okra
  • Because he is favored by a multitude of cooks, the gombo, also called lady’s finger (woman finger) in many English-speaking countries, is easy to find on the stalls of oriental grocery stores, African or Asian.
  • Choose it well
    It should not exceed about five to ten centimeters to remain very tender.
  • Do not delay
    Because it can only be kept for three days (fresh).
  • Pay attention
    The more we cut or crush the gombo, the more its mucilaginous substance is released. We can leave it whole (like a small zucchini) if we fear this texture. And to mitigate it, add tomato, lemon or a teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Cook it
    Steaming is ideal. But never more than ten minutes !
  • But above all, it is a food with exceptional nutritional virtues. A plate of raw okra does not exceed 30 calories, bring 3 grams of dietary fiber, 2 grams of protein, 57 milligrams of magnesium, 21 milligrams of vitamin C and contains only 10 milligrams of fat. All these properties make okra a champion when it comes to balanced nutrition, that it is eaten raw, free, boiled or stewed. We explain its concrete health benefits in seven points :

– Okra to reduce asthma

  • Okra is one of the richest vegetables in vitamin C. Or, according to a study published in 2000 by the American medical journal Thorax, vitamin C is very effective in the fight against asthmatic symptoms especially in children. Researchers even got results in young asthma patients who only ate fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C once or twice a week..

– Okra helps lower cholesterol

  • Not only is okra excellent for transit, but it is also a very good cholesterol regulator in part thanks to its high fiber content. In addition, it contains no cholesterol and very little fat. At the rate of consuming about 20g of okra per day for a few weeks, there is a significant drop in “bad” cholesterol

– Okra helps control diabetes

  • In a study published in 2011 by the American journal ISRN Pharmaceutics, researchers gave rats water that had been soaked in okra strips. Result : the treated animals saw their blood sugar levels significantly reduced. Since, okra is more and more popular with nutritionists in favor of people with diabetes.

– Okra boosts the immune system

  • The vitamin C contained in okra stimulates the immune system by promoting the creation of white blood cells in the body. This all-terrain vegetable also acts as an anti-wrinkle ! Its antioxidants fight the excess of free radicals responsible for tissue aging.

– Okra prevents kidney disease

  • Consuming okra regularly would help keep our kidneys healthy. In 2005, the Jilin Medical Journal published a study in which researchers showed that patients who ate okra daily developed half as many kidney-related diseases, especially in people with diabetes.

– Okra contributes to a healthy pregnancy

  • The high level of vitamin A, B (B1, B2, B6) and C, as well as the zinc and calcium contained in okra make it the ideal vegetable to consume during pregnancy. It also contains folic acid, essential element when, during pregnancy, cells grow and multiply very quickly.

– Okra cures fever



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