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Drink cup to the dregs …on the contrary !!!


Drink cup to the dregs…, on the contrary !!! Recipe page 50 poetic and gourmet book

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We are starting a series of videos that will make your mouth water before the release of the book which is a collection of poems as well as original creative variations that I have specially designed for you. !
I called this first recipe : Drink cup to the dregs…, on the contrary !!!
Here are the ingredients you need :

– 120 g cassava flour
– 200 g coconut drink (milk)
– 1 pomme golden (roasted with a little fat) or even mango, or a pineapple…
– 1 tsp ground ginger or cardamom powder
– 1 pinch of salt
– 1 tsp neutral oil (or 2)
– Hibiscus flower jelly (crazy, bissap…)
Baobab pulp powder or grated coconut for finishing
You can also use our chalices or tulips for savory

Réalisation/montage/ Co- conceptrice

Candice Brigaud de Canbri studio


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