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My béwolè / folon / amaranth salad


My béwolè / folon / amaranth salad


Some say the name comes from the Spanish folon (to dig)


[salad] ƒ

1(plant) lettuce, endive; and s. salad.
2salad; s. fruit fruits macedonia;
s. russe Russian salad.
3fam (mess) stink;



Called folon in southern Cameroon, béwolè on the littoral coast, cradle of my childhood,
Fotètè Togo and Bitéku Teku-in 2 Congo , amaranth leaves have many benefits. (See article). Indeed, everything is good in amaranth whose edible seeds are processed ( flake, flour…),1358.html


In Cameroon, it is a delicacy that is often skipped with tomato, some onions, Garlic, spices, dried shrimp, gambas, sometimes smoked fish, chicken or beef.

As you know, without turning back to the tradition, I do not say no to innovation. Here is our béwolè / folon salad.


For 1 nobody


– Some béwolè leaves quickly blanched in boiling water to which I added a pinch of baking food (cleans, softens the leaves, fixed chlorophyll)

– A small red onion

– A dressing of your choice , peanuts, some beautiful tomatoes, for me the garden and voila




Enjoy your meal…