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plantain cups with many good things / Recipes 4 mains…

Hello Dear All and All,


creative variations on plantain

creative variations on plantain



plantain cups with many good things / Recipe 4 mains…


My plantain cups recipe has been successful on Facebook a few days ago

Muandj’a moto dans sa coupelle de missolè

Viande de bœuf dans sa coupelle de banane plantain et laurier du jardin. Recette réalisée avec Caline Biyong Dumas.


Voici d’autres versions de ces délices réalisées avec Caline

Elle s’appelle Caline DUMAS NGO BIYONG (toute de blanc vêtue 😉 )

Elle s’est lancée dans le coaching minceur online de groupe, afin d’aider des personnes à manger équilibré,

with a suitable sports activity.

Having studies 2004 to 2016 in the kitchen area, pastry, de l’alimentation et de la santé publique,

she has many skills:

– Public Health Promotion and Social Development Health ( Master 2).

– Sociology of & rsquo; food: food research memory of Cameroon ( Master 1).

– Occupation culinary arts and culinary arts (Licence).

– catering management ( BTS).

– Kitchen and Tunisian and international pastry (professional Bac)

Son site https:


Caline et moi avons sympathisé via Facebook. We met for the first time 20 February and we started the realization of a recipe 4 mains. Everything between improvisation and good humor. instead, look. Feel free to leave comments and to subscribe to the YouTube channel Gourmet Wings for other recipes, to 4 hands or not ...