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Mayonnaise house want you in here

Mayonnaise house want you in here
Mayonnaise house want you in here
Mayonnaise house want you in here

Mayonnaise house want you in here


A Nicole, mayonnaise which delighted many of our meals with friends !!!

Historians and other gastronomes are not unanimous as to the origin of this emulsion. Cookbooks, entire pages on the Net rustle of their disagreements when the paternity which is called nowadays mayonnaise.

The most commonly accepted origin, is that of the city of Mahon, capital of Menorca in the Balearics in Spain. Other paternity exist, less known and more controversial (from the cities of Bayonne and Mayenne, theories related to the etymology of the egg yolk word meaning hub in Old French, to spell deformation and other disputes of experts). Beyond all these theories, un constat s’impose à tous :

Mayonnaise is very popular and tasty.

It is as rich and fat. So much to make yourself to eat without remorse, at least not too much ... This is also an opportunity to be imaginative in herbs and spices to add to the base made of egg and oil.

So your salad bowls and other ...









For 4 to 8 people

Preparation : 10 minutes

Baking : cru


What you need

– 1 cup oil (olive, colza, sunflower, peanut)

– 2 egg yolks

– 1 spoonful of mustard

– Salt

– Pepper


Preparation of the recipe

– In a salad bowl, Mix the egg yolks and mustard with a fork

– Season with salt and pepper

– Add the oil little by little

– While mixing, Oil will incorporate mustard and mayonnaise will take gradually

– The use within 24 hours


Tips / advice / Variants

* I'm also using scented oils (you have seen, je les adore 🙂 🙂 :-)), or by adding to the recipe proposed above, aromatic herbs (thyme, sarriette, basil, parsley, chive, herbs, or pieces of hot pepper powder …). This is not classic course, mais combien original et savoureux 🙂 !