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Écrasée de patates douces à l’huile de noix

Écrasée de patates douces à l’huile de noix
Écrasée de patates douces à l’huile de noix

Écrasée de patates douces à l’huile de noix



Sweet potatoes are a tasty tuber whose slightly sweet flesh softens when cooked. It lends itself to many savory recipes and sweet. This is the true potato from my childhood whose flesh can be white, yellow, dew, orange or even purple. Celle que j’ai dégustée pendant de nombreuses années au Cameroun était blanche 😉 🙂

I let you enjoy this first recipe, that is just the beginning of a long series of tasty ideas based sweet potatoes on our blog. Cette écrasée est rapide à réaliser et est vraiment succulente. Elle apporte de l’originalité et de la couleur à vos assiettes.


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Écrasée de patates douces à l’huile de noix

For 4 to 6 people

Preparation : 10 minutes

Baking : 15 minutes


What you need

– 2 large sweet potatoes (they are easily found in markets or supermarkets)

– 2 tablespoons walnut oil

– 2 glasses of water

– Cell

– Some walnuts

– 1 cuillerée à café de gingembre (frais ou en poudre) – optional –


Preparation of the recipe

– Wash and peel the sweet potatoes with a knife or a peeler

– Cut into small pieces

– Put the pieces of sweet potatoes in a pan with 2 glasses of water

– Bring to boil on high heat for 15 minutes

– After nearly a quarter of an hour, the potatoes are completely softened

– In a salad bowl, crush the pieces of sweet potatoes with fork

– Salt, add walnut oil

– Prepare and decorate with walnut halves


Tips / advice / variants

* You can replace walnut oil by rapeseed oil flavored with nuts.

* This recipe goes well with roast, lamb chops and poultry.